These days we have so much information available to us and, for many, that means making more educated decisions about the products we purchase. This is true particularly for the food and beverages we bring into our homes to nourish and treat ourselves and our families. That’s why so many of us are turning to local and organic foods and wines, spirits and beers that are produced on a smaller scale. There are so many benefits of buying local, and that is especially true when it comes to local wine.

When you buy a local wine, spirit or beer, you

Keep money in our local economy

When you buy local wine, most of that money stays in the local economy as we employ over 50 people year round that are your neighbors and  talented members of our team. Not only does our team spend their money in our community but we put your money right back into our community by  purchasing from local farmers or contributing to local charities like the Healing Garden in Harvard, MA.  

Build our Comunity

Farms are a gathering place for friends and family to meet and a wonderful place to meet new people.  Nashoba is a unique social shopping experience where people get to discuss our products with the people directly involved with the farming and production of outstanding wines, spirits, beers and food.  There is something magical about having a farm in your community so it is important to support the farms that are still operating.

Protect our Environment – Keeping it Green

Transportation accounts for more than 10% of a bottle’s carbon footprint.  Yup! If you buy wine from your local area, you’ve reduced the carbon footprint of your wine consumption by up to 13% on average.  You may be surprised to find that our prices compare really well with those at chain stores but do you know anything about how those wines and spirits are made?  With Nashoba, you are gettin a great product that is 100% produced and bottled in Bolton, Massachusetts.  Small farms like Nashoba, are able to practice safe growing practices, like Integrated Pest Management and other farming practices which reduce harm to the environment while reducing the speed of climate change.  When you buy local wines and spirits, you know exactly where it comes from and can ask specific questions about how it is made and what additives are used in the production of our wines.  At Nashoba, all of our wines are vegan so you never have to worry about the use of animal products in the production process.

Keeps vineyards and orchards planted and thriving 

Aren’t vineyards and Orchards beautiful?  You know you love driving past them, like living next to them, and enjoy spending Saturday afternoons wine tasting, right?  Then spread the word and recognize that buying local is what keeps us in business.  Since 1935, we have lost over five million acres of farm land in the United States,  Family farms are going out of business at an increadible speed and we lose two acres of farmland each minute as cities and suburbs spread into the surrounding communities.  Without your support this trend will accellerate so when you think about preserving your community, think about keeping farmers on the land and at the same tiem, preserving open space and urban sprawl.

Contribute to preserving history.


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Family members are those who share a passion for our wines and value of supporting local agriculture. Family members are our closest customers that want us to visit year round and appreciate the benfits of being family.  Join our family and see the benefits you will receive.




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